Student Walkout 10/05/2011

Well after watching the Student Walkout at Brooklyn College for about thirty minutes I did come to some conclusions based on their protest. On the positive side, their stance is very noble, standing up to fight against tuition hikes, and I fully agree that the tuition increases are unnecessary. I also believe that the responsibility of Brooklyn College to inform the students of the tuition hikes was not performed well and that fighting against that irresponsibility is definitely a necessary step in fully exercising our rights as a CUNY student.

But after watching the Walkout, I left with a feeling of negativity toward the student body that was performing the act. This is because of a couple of reasons:

1. The excessive use of profanity made the group look unprofessional. Screaming that you “fucking hate Brooklyn College” does not make your argument stronger, but only dumbs down the individual who is shouting those words as well as the group that is “open-mic” repeating it.

2. I especially felt disgusted after a student yelled at the spectating crowd (to which I belonged) telling us that we were “fucking shameful” for dishonoring the fathers of our country and not fighting for the rights which they gave us. By putting down the crowd which is actually taking time out to listen to you, you further constrict your argument and make your group effort look childish.

3. The uneducated views of some of the protestors really hurt the group. In particular, the one female who said: “we pay $200-300 in fees…FOR WHAT? What do we get?!”, you actually get unlimited access to the biggest and newest library out of all the CUNY’s, you get access to the gym and also accesses to open club spaces around the campus. The fees do help the student body, so protest their hikes, but don’t protest what they’re used for.

Now the group is headed to Wall Street, and while I do agree in their position against the tuition hikes, I can only hope that they present themselves more professionally and obediently to convey their message effectively. In my opinion, they have a lot to work on before anyone will listen.

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